Moola Moola Child Savings Account

Looking for a way to save money for your child and also teach them that saving is fun? A Moola Moola Child Savings Account does just that!

Kid Saving Money

A Fun Way to Save

Moola Moola is a magical money monster from the make-believe land of Lotta Loot. The money Minders are his colorful sidekicks. Together, they are Moola Moola and the Money Minders - an exciting savings club for kids.

For Kids 11 or Under

The Moola Moola Savings Club for Kids is a savings account for children 11 years of age and younger. Kids are given the opportunity to learn the importance of saving and establishing good financial habits in a fun way.

Every child that opens a Moola Moola Child Savings account receives the following:

A Free Moola Moola tshirt

Fun and Educational Gifts for every $3 or more deposited into their account

Invitations to special events

Birthday card during their birthday month

Open a Moola Moola Savings Account

Interested in opening up a savings account for your child with First Federal Savings Bank? Contact your local branch today.