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First Federal Savings Bank Named a Five Star Member of the IBA

First Federal Savings Bank has been honored as a Five Star Member of the Indiana Bankers Association. The award was presented on March 24, 2023, by Christina Bennett, IBA Vice President - Meetings and Events, in recognition of First Federal Savings Bank’s involvement throughout 2022.

The Five Star Member designation recognizes those IBA-member banks which demonstrate outstanding commitment to the Association in five areas: political awareness, issues advocacy, life-long learning, IBA volunteerism, and Preferred Service Provider utilization.

“We very much appreciate the dedication of First Federal Savings Bank and as a Five Star Member bank,” said Amber Van Til, IBA President and CEO. “Our Association is strong, thanks to our supportive members.”

The Indiana Bankers Association supports Indiana banking through issues analysis, professional education, and products and services that enhance member banks’ ability to serve their communities.

Displaying First Federal Savings Bank’s Five Star Member award from the Indiana Bankers Association are (from left): Christina Bennett, IBA Vice President - Meetings and Events, and Michael Zahn, President and CEO of First Federal Savings Bank.
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First Federal Savings Bank Sponsors Annual Run for the Rams Event for Huntington Catholic Schools

First Federal Savings Bank was honored to be an event sponsor for Huntington Catholic School's annual event Run for the Rams. This event took place April 22, 2023, in Huntington, Indiana. This event serves as a major fundraiser for Huntington Catholic School.

Pictured with the promotional banner for the event L to R: Derek Boone, Huntington Catholic Principal; Mike Zahn, First Federal Savings Bank; Fr. Thomas Zehr, St. Mary Pastor, Fr. Tony Steinacker, SS. Peter & Paul Pastor; Nick Stanley, JJ’s and Event Co-Chair; Andrea Stanley, JJ’s and Event Co-Chair.

First Federal Savings Bank's Fun Fridays Help Support Non-Profits

Each month, employees at First Federal Savings Bank vote for a local non-profit to support with their "Fun Fridays". The employees select the organizations supported and are able to wear blue jeans to work for a small donation each Friday. Our employees are very passionate about supporting local non-profits and the missions they serve. Pictured left to right are the following organizations Blessings in a Backpack - Huntington, Huntington Humane Society, and The Mom of an Addict.

Photos from Left to Right: Craig Johnson, Committee Member, Emily Johnson, Founder of the Huntington Chapter, and Adrianna Stout, Marketing Manager. Jill Jamison, Humane Society Board Member, Adrianna Stout, Marketing Manager, and Allison Caley, Vice President of the Humane Society. Joe Cavacini, Commercial Lender, Donna Wray, President of the BOD for The Mom of an Addict, and Emily Doss, Branch Manager.
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First Federal Savings Bank Named "Friend of the Club" for Local Boys and Girls Club in Huntington County

First Federal Savings Bank has been involved in the Boys and Girls Club of Huntington County for almost two decades, and have been named "Friend of the Club" at the 18th Annual Steak & Burger Dinner. This award recognizes the significant contribution and support of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Huntington County. We make a strong effort to make sure that we are present in as many events and volunteer opportunities for the Club. Tom Mills, Senior Vice President Commercial Lending, and Aaron Campbell, Vice President Commercial Lending, both serve on the board at the Club. First Federal Savings Bank donated $100,000 to the organization for their capital campaign which will help to build the Career Prep Center and change the lives of Huntington youth.


7 Helpful Tips to Pay off Debt Quickly

Reduce your spending

Every dollar counts, really. Cutting down expenses, such as streaming services, ordering delivery for dinner or ditching an expensive phone, can add up fast. Consider what you would give up in order to be debt-free.

Stop using your credit cards

Halting your debt from growing any larger can make it easier to manage. One way is to stop using your credit cards. Not adding onto the balance while you’re paying down debt can also help improve your credit utilization — or the ratio of your debt balance to your available credit — which is a major factor in calculating your credit score. The lower your credit utilization, the better it reflects on your credit score.

Look for extra income and cash

Scraping together extra income can increase how much you can put toward your debt, accelerating your payoff. Look into legitimate side hustles. Some jobs can be completed in less than an hour, like user testing for websites and apps. Others, like freelancing, will take longer, but may earn you more cash. Finding extra cash can help fuel paydown, too. And you consider using some or all of a windfall, such as a tax refund or work bonus, to make a lump-sum payment on debt.

Find a payoff method you'll stick with

Paying off debt is a financial and psychological commitment. Just as you have to have the cash to pay down what you owe, you also have to find a payoff method that works for you. If some quick small wins early in the process will help you stay motivated, the debt snowball method may be right for you. With this tactic, you put all the extra money you can toward paying your smallest debt first (while covering at least the minimums on your other debts). When it's paid off, you roll the money that had been going to the first debt into paying the next-biggest, and so on, until all your debts are paid off. But if you're more into delayed gratification and maybe saving a little money, the debt avalanche method maybe for you. With this strategy, you focus on paying off the debt with the highest interest rate first. Always focusing on wiping out the debt with the highest interest costs can save you money overall and may also speed your debt-free date.

Look into debt consolidation

Rolling multiple debts into one payment — ideally with a lower interest rate — through debt consolidation can make your debt easier to manage and less expensive overall. The less you have to pay in interest, the more money you can put toward reducing the underlying debt. A 0% interest balance transfer credit card or a debt consolidation loan are two solid options for debt consolidation. Note that you’ll likely need a good credit score to qualify. Also, each lender sets its own requirements, and credit score may be just one piece of the puzzle.

Know when to call it quits

Sometimes debt can be too much. If you're having a hard time keeping up with your debt payments and your total debt is greater than 50% of your gross annual income, it might be time to get outside help. Debt relief options, like debt management plans from a nonprofit credit counseling agency and bankruptcy, may give you the relief you need to move past your debts. Otherwise, paying off what you owe could take years and get in the way of other financial goals, like saving for retirement or a down payment on a house.

Source: Sean Pyles from NerdWallet

Aaron Campbell

Meet the Staff

Aaron Campbell joined the First Federal Savings Bank team as VP Commercial Lending and Business Development at the Southwest Fort Wayne location. Aaron graduated from Ball State University, then received his MBA from Indiana Wesleyan University. He brings 20 years of financial services experience to the team with 13 of those years in commercial lending. Aaron is a Board Member for the Boys and Girls Club of Huntington County, where he also sits on the Finance Committee.